Short & Long Term Rental

Long term hire 1 year to 5 years, with our ever increasing hire fleet we can offer fast effective solutions to your materials handling needs.

Our hire fleet is available in Manual, Diesel, LPG and Electric trucks for hire.
Capacities available ranging from 1,600 kg Pedestrian pallet trucks to 16,000 kg Counterbalance forklifts.
We can also supply EMPTY AND FULL CONTAINER HANDLERS with 20,30 & 40 foot spreader beams
Large SIDELOADERS with or without spreader beams
Lift heights are variable , including Standard, (no height restrictions) Part free and Full free lift masts (for use with height restrictions).
We have a variety of Drivers overhead guards including Standard, Semi cab (with or without canvas sides), and Full cab with heater.
Our trucks are available for same day delivery locally.
All hires include breakdown repairs, routine maintenance and thorough examinations.
All forklifts have beacon, reverse alarm and seat belts fitted as standard. Most have working lights and load backrests.
All hire fleet trucks are compliant with LOLER and PUWER 98 regulations.
All hire fleet trucks have CSE tyres (puncture-proof).

Did you realise we can specialise ?
We have a very large range of CONTAINER LOADING SPECIFICATION trucks from 2500 kg, 3500 kg, 4500 kg capacities.
We can also supply a large number of trucks with SPARK ARRESTORS and CHALWYN VALVE (for use in hazardous environments).

We have a wide variety of attachments including fork mounted crane jib attachments, man up safety cages, fork extensions up to 2400 mm and hydraulically operated attachments such as 360 degree rotators, re-cycling, keg and bale clamps and many many more.

One of the specialist services we can offer is a forklift with driver hire for one off unloading where we bring the forklift to site, our driver unloads whatever you need unloading and then the truck, wagon and driver leave site. This is ideal for the smaller companies with no requirement for a permanent forklift truck but receives an occasional delivery.

We now have an enviable reputation for excellence of service with out of area contractors working in the North East using this 1 off lift service, as we are able to cater for larger weights and higher lift heights.

Benefits of Equipment Short & Long Term Rental

Cash Conservation – A rental costs significantly less than purchasing new equipment. Invest your cash in other opportunities that produce greater profit.

Pay for what you use – Most rental agreements are based upon the expected hours and operating conditions that you will use the equipment. Compare this to purchasing a piece of equipment: you pay 100% for an asset regardless if you plan to use it a lot or a little.

Rental payments are 100% tax deductible – Rental payments are an operating expense and are 100% deductible as a business expense. No confusing depreciation schedules or damaging tax ramifications at year end.

Fixed payments, no maintenance surprises – Keep your material handling costs free of unpleasant surprises!

Long-term rental agreements typically include normal maintenance, meaning the cost is someone else’s responsibility.

Eliminate your parts and service departments – If you currently own your fleet and maintain it you need mechanics, tools and parts. Increase warehouse and plant space by eliminating the need for stocking parts and providing space to service equipment.

Eliminate obsolescence – Long-term agreements can provide for upgrades should your business change. Don’t get stuck with equipment you no longer need due to a change in your business plans. Rent from  Advanced Material Handling and we will provide you with the equipment you need today.

Keep your credit line clear – Unlike financing equipment, long-term rentals have little impact on your ability to borrow money to increase your business.

Flexible terms and equipment – Whether you need new or used equipment for your operation we can provide you with the equipment you need at the terms you need. From one year to five we can build a long-term rental agreement that meets your business needs.

Preferred rates on supplemental equipment – Long-term customers get preferred rates to fill their seasonal demands.

Eliminate stand-by equipment – Is your fleet larger than necessary to due to break-downs and cyclical needs?

Our rental fleet and transport stands ready to supply you with immediate equipment when a need arises.

Renting hedges against inflation – Reduce the risk of labor and parts prices increases by fixing your monthly payment now for the term of your agreement.

Generate cash now – Trading in your current fleet can generate immediate cash for operations.