Scissor Lift hire locally in Middlesbrough

A scissor lift is a machine made to move personnel and equipment in a vertical direction. These lifts can handle any application that would normally require a ladder, tower or scaffolding. Scissor lifts enable operators to complete the same jobs faster and more securely without the setup time of other equipment, such as scaffolding or a tower, and without the dangerous instability of a ladder.

Although the chance of a fall can never be completely eliminated when you work at any height, scissor lifts provide a safety harness or cable as well as a sturdy platform surrounded by a railing. The scissor lift’s work platform provides a solid foundation and safety for work of all types that happens at low to medium elevations.

Sometimes you will hear of a scissor lift referred to by one of these names for its technical classification:

Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP)
Aerial work platform (AWP)
Elevated work platform (EWP)

Typically scissor lifts are used for

Building maintenance: Some aspects of building maintenance require working high in the air, such as changing lights, hanging banners, laying bricks, pouring concrete, changing signs, accessing utilities and many other tasks. Scissor lifts are a popular choice inside buildings since they help workers accomplish tasks safely. Plus, they are mobile and can be independently moved from one area of a building to another.
Construction: Scissor lifts provide a mobile, versatile solution for dynamic construction projects that may have frequently changing environments.
Production: An aerial platform can improve operating efficiencies by quickly and safely reaching high heights and lifting heavy loads.
Warehousing: When storage is the name of the game, every vertical and horizontal inch of space must be used efficiently. Investing in a scissor lift for warehouses can open new areas for use and help the retrieval process.

Categories of IPAF equipment licence required to operator a scissor lift are as follows:
Static boom (Trailer or vehicle mounted boom) 1b
Mobile vertical (Scissor lift) 3a
Mobile boom (Cherry picker) 3b